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What's your spend?

The Empowerment tour is a movement to increase spending with quality locally-owned businesses,  Black professionals, agents, suppliers, franchisees, vendors, banks  and media outlets from the 3 percent we currently spend to just 10 percent. The landmark Kellogg study, based on The Anderson family's year living off Black businesses proved that 1 million jobs could be created if 100,000 households made that small commitment.  

Are you ready to help create 1 million jobs by  increasing your spend with quality Black-owned businesses and professionals from 3 percent to 10?


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What the $50B

means to me!

The Empowerment Tour  supports the $50 Billion Empowerment Plan, created by Eugene Mitchell, Corporate VP of New York Life, and driven by 1200 African American insurance professionals across the country.  Eugene's plan promises to create $50 Billion in inter-generational, tax-free wealth for the Black community, financial legacies for struggling  families, businesses and institutions, and support  for 1200 top quality business owners who serve as role models and financial stewards for the community. This will happen if 200,000 families were to  invest in $250,000 in life insurance.  135,000 have already signed up...generating $35 Billion!

Will you be one of the 65,000 who will join this movement in 2016 and  create history with $50 Billion in Black wealth?

Changing lives

The Empowerment Tour is free. But the movement is not. Support  the Anderson' Family's economic empowerment movement!

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"Our Black Year" today!


Tuesday, Dec. 13, 5:30 pm

Florida State College



See flyerhere.  

Closing the Racial Wealth Gap 

The Empowerment Experiment Foundation is proud to present the highly anticipated $50 Billion Empowerment Tour and Movement in twenty cities across America. The Empowerment Tour and Movement and it’s signature Town Hall forums are an expansion and evolution of The Empowerment Experiment - the Anderson family's historic stand and study living off Black businesses and professionals for an entire year - and Maggie Anderson’s road show that has touched more than 50,000+ since the completion of the experiment, and the release of her critically acclaimed book, "Our Black Year" .

The Tour leverages Maggie’s national network of community, faith, professional, civic, media, university and corporate partners, and unites with the $50 Billion Community Empowerment Plan,  the financial literacy and empowerment campaign created by Eugene Mitchell, Corporate Vice President at New York Life, which has created and tracked over $33 Billion in tax-free wealth for Black families and empowered over 1200 Black insurance entrepreneurs.

Together, Mitchell's and Anderson's stories and successes have made them the experts and evangels of the only financial and economic empowerment movement of its kind. They deliver a call to action with an inspirational, compelling, heart-rending intensity reminiscent of the marches and rallies of the Civil Rights movement. Equally educational, Maggie and Eugene use these forums to introduce practical tools and solutions and powerful truths and businesses the community needs.   The Empowerment Tour and movement just launched in historic Birmingham, February 17, 2015, 50 years after the Voting Rights Act, and 150 years after African slaves became free.

We're on our way to 1 million jobs and $50 Billion!